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7 p.m. Sept 8, 2015

(Always on the 2nd Tues of the month)

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Laura Drumb, speaker


Laura Drumb will be our speaker for the FCW meeting on October 13, 2015 speaking on “The Skeleton of a Novel.”


Have you ever wondered how to write a novel? Even if you have no interest in fiction and specifically in novels, many techniques Laura will cover are essential tools for all types of writing. “The Skeleton of a Novel” refers to the anatomy of a novel, presented in a unique manner using the various bones of the body to illustrate the various aspects of what is involved in putting together a full-length book. And in spite of the month in which it is being presented, the topic has nothing to do with Halloween! This program should be of great interest and help to everyone who loves to write, not solely for novelists.  


Laura Drumb has been writing Christian historical fiction for many years and has several novels in various stages of production, including her first e-book soon to be published. Her debut novel won 1st Runner-Up in the esteemed “Write Well, Sell Well” First Chapter Contest in 2014. In between her writing projects, she loves to spend time with her husband, two grown daughters, and five grandchildren, in addition to reading, traveling, being active in her church, and running her own health and wellness company.


  Kirk of the Hills Church

on 61st near Yale, 4102 E Yale, Tulsa, Ok.

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